National Meeting 2020 Videos


October 1-2, 2020  |  51st National Meeting of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions

The following select videos of the 2020 National Meeting have been released for a limited time. Other portions of the National Meeting broadcast are subject to copyright restrictions and unfortunately cannot be made available. 

Opening Sequence
Welcome (Laura Bertone, Meeting Committee Chair; Rita Thiron, FDLC Executive Director)
Welcome Address (Rev. Jim Bessert, FDLC Board Chair)
National Office Report (Rita Thiron, FDLC Executive Director)
National Survey Results (Rita Thiron, FDLC Executive Director)
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Address - Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair (Archbishop of Hartford; Chair, Bishops' Committee on Divine Worship)
Opening Prayer Homily - Rev. Joseph Brown, SJ (Southern Illinois University)
Webinar Series Introduction 
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In-Meeting Poll Results