FDLC Annual Appeal 2021–2022

“All things work together for good.”  As we celebrate this time of harvest and thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the things that have worked together in the past months for goodness in our world. Through the difficulty of the pandemic, good people have worked together to bring light and hope to a world sometimes masked in darkness and despair. A donation to the 2021–2022 FDLC Annual Appeal allows the accomplishments of the Federation to continue.

Director of Worship at St. Francis of Assisi Parish (Frisco, Texas)

The Director of Worship will collaborate very closely with the pastor (and liturgy team) to ensure his vision of liturgy and sacraments for the entire parish is fulfilled. In addition, the Director of Worship will also oversee the Liturgy Coordinator, Sacraments Manager Sacraments Coordinator as well as the Music Director and liturgical music leads to ensure pastor’s vision for music is fulfilled. This individual must be a self-starter that enjoys working in a team environment and is excited to be part of a strong Catholic community with a diverse culture and spiritual community.

Director of Music at St. Pius X Parish, Norfolk, Va.

Saint Pius X Catholic Church is seeking a Director of Music responsible for the design, facilitation, and implementation of the parish’s liturgical music ministry in a manner that promotes “full, conscious, and active participation,” called for by the liturgical rites in the Roman Catholic tradition. In collaboration with the pastor, staff members, and parishioners, the Director is charged with integrating music ministry into the overall parish mission. The Director recruits, trains, directs, and oversees the choir and cantors and serves as the keyboardist. The parish’s repertoire consists of liturgical music drawn primarily from Breaking Bread (OCP) and Gather (GIA).

Director, Office of Worship at Diocese of Austin, Tex.

The Director has two primary responsibilities, among several others: 1) the management and support of all liturgies presided over by the Bishop or his delegate and 2) the ongoing formation and support of the liturgy for clergy, lay ministers, parishes, and schools in the Diocese of Austin through education, development, and implementation of liturgical resources.

Music Minister at St. Paul VI Parish, Riverside, Ill. (Archdiocese of Chicago)

The newly established Saint Paul VI parish is seeking a music minister to be a vital part of the liturgy team.  The successful candidate will collaborate with Director of Liturgy and Music Team to identify needs and plan sacred music; be responsible for music selection, preparation, and assembly preparation for Masses, Holy Days, sacramental liturgies, and special liturgies.  He/she will recruit, form and direct the parish choir; recruit and form cantors; and participate in Music Team meetings.