FDLC Annual Appeal 2021–2022

“All things work together for good”

Romans 8:28

Dear FDLC Members and Friends,

“All things work together for good.”  As we celebrate this time of harvest and thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the things that have worked together in the past months for goodness in our world. Through the difficulty of the pandemic, good people have worked together to bring light and hope to a world sometimes masked in darkness and despair.

Each day, the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions has continued its mission of encouraging and empowering people to celebrate and worship God worthily, even in the midst of joy and times of challenge. From its earliest days this Federation has promoted remarkable scholarship, legendary leadership, and bold change. The liturgical renewal continues to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. Through dialogue, thought, collaboration, and celebration the Federation helps brings forth the work of the Spirit in dioceses and parishes. This good and vital effort must endure!

A donation to the 2021–2022 FDLC Annual Appeal allows the accomplishments of the Federation to continue — free webinars, seasonal liturgical preparation guides, our national meeting, and on-going networking opportunities are just some of the many ways your donation to the Annual Appeal helps the Federation achieve and fulfill its purpose.

Whether you choose to make FDLC one of your primary charitable contributions this year or if you can only share a portion of your financial gifts, we welcome your participation in our mission. Please complete the form HERE and return it to FDLC with your check. If your contribution is postmarked by December 31, it can be considered as a 2021 tax deduction. 

Thank you in advance for your generous support.  May God continue to bless you and those whom you serve through your ministry so that all things will work together for good!

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Michael Balash
Annual Appeal Co-Chair

Ms. Laura Bertone
Annual Appeal Co-Chair

Rita Thiron
Executive Director

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Since 1970, the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions has served the clergy and faithful of the dioceses of the United States by providing leadership, scholarship, and resources to aid in the authentic implementation and celebration of the liturgy.