Director of Music for St. Jude Parish (New Lenox, IL)

St. Jude Parish is a parish of 4500 families that has a vibrant liturgical life under the direction of Augustinian Fathers. Over the years the music program for the parish has developed an adult choir, youth choir, children choir, hand bell choir, and instrumentalists from the parish and neighboring schools. The parish is looking to expand its music program by developing a Cantor program. The parishioners have always responded with enthusiasm to the various styles of music used at all liturgical celebrations. We are looking for a full time Director of Music who has an understanding of the Catholic liturgy, liturgical year, rituals and has the ability to play the organ and piano. We are a community deeply committed to the Church, to one another and to one’s own personal faith life.

For the essential duties for this position please contact Susan Fronek at

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