2014 Recipient Introduction

Msgr. John H. Burton

Alleluia!  Literally, “praise Yahweh” or “Praise the Lord.” 

Alleluia!  “Let everything that has life and breath praise the Lord,” the psalmist sings. 

Alleluia!  We sing it before the gospel to acclaim the Good News! 

Alleluia! We omit it in Lent, then double it at dismissal during the Easter Octave and on Pentecost!   

Alleluia! Each day of our lives is to be a song of praise to our Creator!  

And so it was appropriate that when the Board of Directors voted to initiate an award which would recognize the achievements of one of our own members, it was give the title, “The Alleluia Award.”  

And it was just as appropriate that the first recipient of this award would be Msgr. John Burton who served for twenty-one years on the FDLC Board of Directors (1993-2014) and fourteen as the Board Chair.  

When the Board was restructured last January -- reduced nearly in half from twenty-four to fourteen persons – each region was to choose which rep remained. Region Three’s native son graciously stepped down in March.   

In his twenty-one years of service on the Board, he has led us through exciting times, tumultuous meetings, liturgical debates, and massive restructurings and always with pastoral sensitivity, class and decorum.  He attended countless meetings, participated in lengthy conference calls, and routinely met with personnel and Committee chairs in order to advance the mission of the FDLC. 

Entering seminary in 1964 and ordained in 1972 at the height of post-conciliar changes, John has always had an interest in Liturgy during his forty-two years of parish and diocesan ministry. He currently serves as pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd Parish in Vineland, NJ.  

With the sincere appreciation of the members of the Federation and its Board of Directors, the inaugural Alleluia Award is presented to Msgr. John Burton.