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December 2019
Dear FDLC Members and Friends,
The fiftieth anniversary of this Federation was a “golden” opportunity to bring to mind the countless clergy and laity, liturgists and musicians, scholars and teachers who have dedicated themselves to the liturgical apostolate.  Throughout 2019, we rightfully honored the foresight of our founders, applauded the accomplishments of our members, and treasured all the gifts that God placed at the service of his holy people.
This Federation was born in a momentous period in our Church’s history. Those early years were marked by remarkable scholarship, legendary leadership, and bold change. The liturgical renewal continues to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. The wisdom of the Council Fathers continues to be championed by popes and applauded by the faithful.   The mission of this Federation continues to be the fulfilment of the Council’s vision.
I hope that thee past months have inspired you, as they did me, with a sense of renewed respect for all who have labored for the liturgical renewal and on whose shoulders we now stand.  Yet I hope that these pioneers and these accomplishments have also inspired you to continue this important work.  For you, too, are part of this history and the story of the FDLC continues to be written.  
Yet again and still, the FDLC seeks to educate and enlighten, to train and teach.  As members of diocesan liturgical commissions, as directors of offices of worship, as academics, and as parish leaders, we strive to promote sound liturgical praxis and to form competent liturgical ministers.  Though our national meetings, workshops, publications, resources, seasonal planning aids, and consultations, FDLC serves you so that you may serve your Bishop and the local church.
Please consider a donation 2019-2020 FDLC Annual Appeal. Whether you choose to make FDLC one of your primary charitable contributions for 2019-2020 or if you can only share a portion of your financial gifts, we welcome your participation in our mission.  Please complete the attached form and return it to FDLC with your check.  If your contribution is postmarked by December 31, it may be considered as a 2019 tax deduction.  
Thank you in advance for your generous support.  May God continue to bless you and those you serve through your ministry!
Sincerely in Christ,
Rita A. Thiron, Executive Director
Rev. Michael Balash, Annual Appeal Co-Chair
Ms. Laura Bertone, Annual Appeal Co-Chair