Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

In 1972, the Church promulgated the Latin typical edition of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  Its English translation debuted in 1974.  Its release followed the mandate of the Council Fathers who declared that “The catechumenate for adults, divided into several stages, is to be restored and put into use at the discretion of the local Ordinary. By this means, the time of the catechumenate, which is intended as a period of well-suited instruction, may be sanctified by several rites to be celebrated at successive intervals of time” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 64).

Originally crafted to serve the needs of mission territories, the Spirit-filled vision of the rite took hold worldwide.  Perhaps few could have imagined its impact on evangelization efforts, on parish life, and on the lives of countless inquirers, catechumens, and candidates.  The Church, in turn, has been enriched by all who have journeyed with us. 

Parish RCIA team members --including priests, deacons, catechists, liturgists, music ministers, sponsors, and volunteers -- have enthusiastically sought guidance on how to implement the RCIA well and to celebrate its liturgies with authenticity and grace.  Likewise, Bishops, diocesan leaders, and academics have provided formation on various aspects of the RCIA.  Members of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC), who daily serve their Bishops in diocesan offices of worship or on diocesan liturgical commissions, have routinely led these efforts.  Indeed, the FDLC is honored to be the caretaker of funds, deeded by the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, to underwrite the costs of ongoing diocesan formation opportunities.


With equal passion, the FDLC is now pleased to present a series of fourteen 90-minute “virtual workshops.”  These are designed to provide high quality formation in an accessible and affordable format.  They will cover a wide range of topics – from general overviews to detailed legalities.  They will examine the various periods and steps of the catechumenate process, recapturing the vision of the RCIA and offering best practices for liturgical celebrations. They are aimed at various levels of experience, but will be fruitful for the seasoned veteran as well as the new parish volunteer.  We hope that you, your parish staffs, and especially parish RCIA team members will take advantage of all of these online seminars.  

Together, may we continue to serve all those who seek to know Christ and his Church.


Registration for the first four workshops is live! This page will be updated as registration opens for later workshops.

Each 90-minute workshop is only $15. Or you may register for all four of the workshops for only $40 (a savings of 33%)! The workshops will be offered during the day and repeated in the evening – this is designed to accommodate paid staff as well as volunteers in multiple time zones. Please note your session of choice as you register.

Recapturing the Richness


May 2

The Initiating Parish


May 16

Discernment in the RCIA Process


June 6

Concerning the Baptized


June 20


Period of Evangelization /


August 8


Rite of Acceptance and Rite of Welcome


August 22


Catechumenate Period


September 6


RCIA as adapted for Children of Catechetical Age


September 14


Rite of Election & Call to Continuing Conversion


September 19


Period of Purification and Enlightenment


October 11


Rites of Initiation


October 24


Period of Mystagogia


November 7


National Statutes for the Catechumenate


November 14


Preaching for the Rites


December 5


We are indebted to the members of our Christian Initiation Task Force who have been meeting for nearly two years. This group of over forty dedicated members have been planning the scope and content of each of these fourteen workshops. Many will serve as presenters. Spanish-language versions of these topics are also in the works. Versiones en Español de estos temas están también en las obras.

The FDLC is very grateful to Liturgy Training Publications of the Archdiocese of Chicago. They have been a welcome partner and will assist  with the registration process and the technology of hosting these virtual workshops.