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The Office of Divine Worship for the Diocese of Green Bay is now hiring an Assistant Director / Assistant Master of Ceremonies. The position is full-time salaried, benefits eligible, and will be responsible for serving as MC to the Bishop for travel liturgies (~50%) as well providing outreach and trainings for worship/catechumenate leaders and ministers throughout the 157 parishes of the Diocese (~50%).

The following link includes a full job description and application instructions: Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted.

POSTED 10-14-19



Under the administrative review of the Parish Market publisher, the LME carries out editorial, educational, program development, and project management roles for liturgical and ritual publishing. The LME is also responsible for the selection and editing of music for all ritual and pastoral publications.


1. Manage the editorial process for the quarterly publiction Loose-Leaf Lectionary, including commissioning and editing of Homily Hints and Daily Scripture Guides.

2. Manage the production process for new official ritual resources and to develop other products that are ritual in nature.

3. Coordinate the annual production of the Living Liturgy family of resources, including participation in the commissioning of authors and artists, in consultation with the Parish Market publisher.

4. Select the music (hymns, chants, responsorial psalms, Masses, etc.) for Celebrating the Eucharist (CE), Misal del Pueblo/Missal of the People (MP), Sacred Song, and other such publications as may be developed, and to approve and proofread the set copy from Finale for these titles.

5. Supervise the creation of all new music files using Finale (including proofreading and collaborating in their layout). Will also create and direct the typesetting of indices for all music titles.

6. Prepare the annual CE Music Accompaniment, CE Music Planner, and MP Accompaniment, and to proofread and approve the set copy from Finale for these titles.

7. Maintain records of all music files, and to process and maintain records of all music permissions and licenses (including, other permissions agencies, and individual requests), all royalties and fees that LP is obligated to pay to composers, musicians, publishing houses, and other parties.

8. Collaborate with the Parish Market publisher and LP colleagues in the acquisition, editing, production, and marketing of music products, music-related products, and ritual resources.

9. Represent LP at conferences and events, both in-person and virtual, including through presentations and other educational activities at these events as opportunities arise.

10. Perform additional duties as assigned.



1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in theology, liturgy, music, or related subject.

2. Demonstrable knowledge of liturgy and liturgical music.

3. Experience as a developmental editor, copyeditor, and music editor.

4. Familiarity with music permissions and licensing.

5. Competence in word-processing and music typesetting, using such software as Microsoft Word, Excel, Finale, and InDesign.

6. High degree of mental concentration and the ability to work under deadline pressure with minimal supervision.

7. Ability to work simultaneously on numerous editorial projects.

8. Strong written and verbal communications skills.


The successful candidate is expected to relocate to Collegeville, MN.  Please address any questions to Shannon Chisholm  at  You may apply directly through the University website: