Resources for Prayer in Light of Recent Events

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 4:51pm

In recent days and weeks, our Church has been stunned by allegations of abuse and mismanagement.  Many people – clergy and faithful alike – are angry and hurt.

Once again, we turn to our God in prayer and ask him to guide and protect his Church.  As always, we rely on the Church’s Liturgy to heal souls and transform lives.

I know that many of you in your dioceses and parishes have been tasked with preparing liturgies and prayer services for the People of God.  The FDLC has prepared a forty-five page booklet which will aid you in those efforts.

The booklet provides a variety of resources, including:

  1. Mass preparation sheets (six options)
  2. A full presider’s text for a Holy Hour (A Celebration of the Word with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament)
  3. A list of relevant Psalms and Canticles
  4. A list of suggested hymns
  5. Sample Intercessions
  6. Sample Prayers
  7. Talking Points for meetings or discussion groups

In addition to the letters and videos already produced by your own Bishops, the full text of statements from Pope Francis, Cardinal DiNardo and Archbishop Gregory may be helpful and they are included in the booklet.

Since 1969, it has been the mission of the Federation to assist the liturgical life of the dioceses of the United States.  May this small resource be another effort in that mission.

Let us pray for one other.