Liturgical Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this unprecedented time as we encounter the COVID-19 pandemic, FDLC is grateful to the many diocese, parishes, institutions, organizations, and companies who have so generously shared tools and resources. Please feel free to use any of the resources below for you and your communities. If you have a resources you would like to contribute, please email to Thank you all for your generosity as we join in prayer for all who are sick, their caretakers, and all who have been severely effected by this illness.

[Last updated: August 30, 2021]


New!: A Novena for the Pandemic and the Covid-19 Vaccine Response


Resource Index:


Reopening General Resources

FDLC GUIDELINE FOR RE-OPENING CHURCHES: Twelve-page guideline for the reopening of churches and the resumption of public Masses. This document is merely offered as a template for diocesan liturgical commissions and task forces who have been charged with preparing guidelines for the Local Church.  It suggests best practices and sample verbiage. Your own diocesan guidelines may have better ideas or alternative policies.   Always, state and federal government guidelines will play a part. These, too, may be updated regularly by medical experts and civil authorities. This document is a compilation of sound liturgical principles as found in the liturgical texts.  It draws upon recent data from regional conference calls, webinars, and meetings.  I have listened to your concerns and noted your ideas.   This document does not pretend to present chapter and verse on every relevant civil, canonical, or liturgical law; but it will contain general principles, some medical data, and proposed safety measures.   It merely offers issues for your consideration.  Perhaps it will raise more questions than give answers, but I hope it will be a guide for your own diocesan and parish discussions. The scope of this document is limited to the celebration of the Mass.  It does not address other sacramental rites. Finally, this document does not pretend to legislate.  Only a diocesan Bishop may produce directives for his (arch)diocese and he will do that in broad consultation with his councils, commissions, and lay experts as well as civil authorities.

- Road Map Re-Opening Our Catholic Churches Safely (Catholic Medical Association, Ad Hoc Committee of Catholic Doctors)

- Reopening: Guidance for Worship Services and Religious Gatherings (AIHA)

- How Can We Keep from Singing? (Patrick Gorman, Diocese of Madison)

- The Latest Science on COVID-19 and Singing (Jerry Hui, University of Wisconsin-Stout)

Communion to the Sick Resource (Archdiocese of Seattle)


Diocesan Guidelines for the Reopening of Churches

Gradually and cautiously, the country is “re-opening” in phases.  Many of you have been tasked with creating diocesan policies regarding the re-opening of churches and the resumption of public Masses.  Below, please find samples from various (arch)dioceses, simply listed in alphabetical order.  Of course, these may be subject to revision as states progress in their reopening.  Please check the particular diocese’s website for more information and directives.  

- Catholic Conference of Ohio; Lifting of Dispensation Letter (5/17/21)

Archdiocese of Cincinnati "Worship Together Safely" (5/6/21)

Diocese of Honolulu Christmas Season Directives

Diocese of Metuchen Webinar

- Diocese of Albany;  Supplement

- Diocese of Arlington

- Archdiocese of Boston

Diocese of Burlington

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

- Diocese of Cleveland;  Additional Guidelines for Music

Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas (Facebook

- Diocese of Crookston (Letter

- Diocese of Davenport

Archdiocese of Denver

- Diocese of Des Moines

- Diocese of El Paso; Celebrating the Sacraments Resource; Order of Confirmation

- Diocese of Gaylord

- Diocese of Honolulu

- Diocese of Jackson

- Diocese of Lansing

- Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Archdiocese of Milwaukee

- Archdiocese of New York

Archdiocese of Oklahoma City & Diocese of Tulsa

- Diocese of Orlando

Diocese of Palm Beach

- Diocese of Syracuse;  Resumption Requirements

- Diocese of San Angelo

- Diocese of Springfield, MA

- Diocese of Toledo

- Archdiocese of Washington

- Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston


Mass for Various Needs & Occasions 'In Time of Pandemic' 

The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has issued new texts for a Mass for Various Needs and Occasions "In Time of Pandemic". "This Mass can be celebrated, according to the rubrics given for Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions, on any day except Solemnities, the Sundays of Advent, Lent, and Easter, days within the Octave of Easter, the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day), Ash Wednesday and the days of Holy Week."

Prayers & Reflections 

Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi Blessing Homily Text / Video

Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi Litany of Supplication (Vatican News Service)

Pope Francis' Prayer to Mary during the Coronavirus Pandemic (CNS Translation)

Pope Francis Speaks on Confession when a Priest is not Available

Prayer to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Betty-Ann Hickey, Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Prayer Service for Protection from Illness (Betty-Ann Hickey, Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Prayer of Perfect Contrition Prayer Card (Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Hospital Prayer Card for Priests (Anointing/Commendation of the Dying) (Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Confession Prayer Cards [English, Spanish, Vietnamese] (Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon)

Video: Forgiveness of Sins (Rev. Christopher Seibt; Diocese of Syracuse)

Video: Eucharist (Rev. Christopher Seibt; Diocese of Syracuse)

'A New Birth to a Living Hope: Praying through the COVID-19 Pandemic' Prayer Resource (Steve Janco; Alverno College): [English]  [Spanish]

Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) Resources: LTP has continued to produce multiple resources and to prepare virtual events for use during the pandemic. They may be accessed at one convenient “landing page” on their website  

Prayer for a Pandemic (March 2020; Cameron Bellmn (Seattle) and The Interfaith Network in Cincinnati)

Resources for Prayer and Engagement during Coronavirus (Catholic Publishers Association) 

Prayer resources for families (Catholic Publishers Association) 


Formation Sessions with Children: How can we keep our youngest parishioners engaged in the liturgy?  How might we continue to meet virtually (and safely) with our Elect of catechetical age?  Sr. Sandy DeMasi, SSJ (Region III) has developed some creative approaches, including a virtual Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Please see the announcement on the parish webpage.

Resources for Families and Children (Diocese of Richmond)  

Diocese of Davenport Resoures (Deacon Francis Agnoli) - resources and links including Liturgy of the Hours

Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) - guide and resources for praying the Liturgy of the Hours

Catholic Kids Homilies (animated)

“Meet a Saint Like You”: Asks children to complete a brief survey about their favorite pastimes, then suggests a saint and gives a simple biography of that saint.  

Art and Faith - Loyola Press

Recommendations for Popular Movies to Watch at Home

Faith@Home Cleveland - HSP Connction - Books, Movies, Study Materials for all Ages

McGrath Institute for Church Life - University of Notre Dame: Two free online courses --The Pillars of the Church, explaining the basic doctrines of the faith Saturdays with the Saints, based on our popular game day lecture series.

Faith Catholic Resources: "Free resources and ideas to help parishes respond to the COVID-19 crisis. These items are especially focused on helping to communicate with parishioners the importance of the role they have in supporting parishes and schools during this crisis. You have our permission to use any of the materials on this page free of charge. Available for your parishes to use for free:

 - Online giving marketing plan to promote online donations

 - Sample letter for your pastor to send to parishioners about online giving

 - Sample video script for your pastor to create a video about online giving

 - Easter Season at Home PDF booklet

 - School-at-home Guide for Catholic Families PDF booklet

 - Customizable direct mail postcard about online giving

 - Customizable ads and social media posts about online giving

 - Customizable ads and social media posts promoting your televised or live stream Mass"

OCP Resources: For parish leaders as well as at-home resources for children, teens, adults
Magnificat [English] [Spanish]

Magnificat Celebration of the Word Service

Give Us This Day (Liturgical Press) Resources

Word Among Us 

E-Breviary QR Code (Bill Blondi of E-Breviary has provided a shareable QR code which links to their webpage for the current hour of the Liturgy of the Hours.  He suggests that it be posted in the vestibule of churches or shared with families for prayer at home.  By aiming a cellphone camera at it, one can open the page.)

Liturgy of the Hours (Liturgical Training Publications) 


TV & Livestream Mass Resources

Mass with Pope Francis

Daily Mass from St. Joseph, Avon Lake

Daily Mass from Bishop Barron's Chapel

Televised Masses around the Diocese of Cleveland

Televised Masses from around the United States

Order of Mass/Act of Spiritual Communion

Order of Mass for Young Disciples/Act of Spiritual Communion

Act of Spiritual Communion

Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

- Saturdays:

1. Fr. Matthew Hysell OP –  Ministerial Priest for the Archdiocese of Edmonton and Doctoral Candidate for Sacred Theology at Dominican University College in Ottawa, Canada – ASL Vigil Mass 7:30pm EST on Facebook Live

2. Fr. Seán Loomis – Chaplain and Coordinator for the Deaf Apostolate, Archdiocese of Philadelphia –  ASL Vigil Mass will be live streamed on Saturdays at 5:30 PM ET on Facebook Live

- Sundays:

1. Fr. Shawn Carey – Director of the Boston Deaf Apostolate, Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts – Sunday ASL Mass 9:15am EST on YouTube Live. After live-streaming, the video will be available online which can be viewed at your convenience.

2. Monsignor Glenn Nelson, J.C.L. – Director of Rockford Deaf Apostolate and Vicar General, Diocese of Rockford, Illinois – Sunday ASL Mass 10:00am CST on FaceBook Live

3. Fr. Mike Depcik – Director of Detroit Catholic Deaf Community, St John’s Deaf Center, Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan – Sunday ASL Mass 11:30am EST on FaceBook Live

4. Fr. Tom Schweitzer and Deacon Tomas Garcia – Holy Angels Catholic Church of the Deaf, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California 8:30am PST (ASL and spoken English) & 11:30am EST (ASL and Spanish/Español) on Youtube Live

5. Interpreted Virtual Mass – Fr. Dave Korth with an ASL interpreter – Sacred Heart Church, Diocese of Omaha, Nebraska, Mass can be viewed at either the church’s website or their YouTube Channel

(If you know of your diocesan Deaf Ministry or others doing any videotaping or live-streaming of the Masses, please email the info to Fr. Shawn Carey.)

For the Blind:

Xavier Society for the Blind continues to provide the Propers of the Sunday Mass (the readings, responses and prayers to the Mass on Sunday and special Feast Days) in large print, Braille Ready File (.brf), and audio for download from their website

- St. Francis Xavier Church in New York City records their Masses and posts them to their YouTube Channel.

- Father Jamie Dennis celebrates Mass at Blessed Mother Church in the Diocese of Owensboro in Kentucky; YouTube

- Father Hank Hilton celebrates Mass at St. Joseph's Church in the Diocese of Metuchen in New Jersey. St. Joseph's Church live streams their Mass daily; YouTube

- St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC streams Mass (Monday through Friday at 6:30 p.m. EST and Sundays at 3:30 p.m. EST) on the Catholic Faith Network.

- The Catholic Faith Network also broadcasts the Mass from various other churches, including Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Rome; Website

- CatholicTV is another resource for live-streaming daily Mass; Website


Copyright Permissions Office - Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

The copyright permissions office of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine has issued a policy on the reprinting and reproduction of Readings and Mass Prayers. Of special note is the section entitled  “Permissions for use of the Readings in English and the Mass Prayers and Readings in Spanish in Light of the Covid -19 Pandemic.”   It notes that “these policies apply only in the United States of America. Please read the full text of the entire policy.

- Through December 31, 2020, no permission is required for livestreaming of Masses and the Divine Office via social media. As always, relevant liturgical law should be observed regarding the choice and use of texts.

- Gratis permission is granted to include these texts in a downloadable or print worship aid through the conclusion of the current liturgical year (November 22, 2020). The texts must be reprinted verbatim and the appropriate copyright acknowledgment must be provided.

- Permission will not be granted to project the readings or other Mass texts.

- Families and individuals are encouraged to bring their own participation aids (hand missals, seasonal or monthly booklets, etc.) to Mass. Parishes or other groups may wish to coordinate bulk purchase and distribution of such resources if local health restrictions allow. “


Catholic Devotions

Divine Mercy Chaplet - EWTN


USCCB (Provides multiple links to various resources from the Vatican and from USA publishers.)

Diocese of Honolulu (March 2020 Guidelines and Sample Prayers of the Faithful)

Diocese of Davenport (A variety of prayer resources including virtual retreat opportunities.)

Archdiocese of Detroit (Liturgical guidelines and prayer resources)

Diocese of Madison (A variety of prayer resources for Sunday at Home, a list of online Masses,  as well as announcements of diocesan policies.)

Diocese of Sagniaw (A series of reflections on the Stations of the Cross, written by Mary Bath Hoppes, a lay minister of the Diocese of Saginaw.  Each station reflects on our current situation. Bishop Gruss leads the Stations in the video; a downloadable resource helps the homebound to follow along.)

Diocese of Orlando (A list of online resources, links to live-streamed Masses, and links to podcasts);

 - A video message from Bishop Noonan to the faithful of the Diocese -- outlining re-opening procedures and sacramental practices. Weekend Masses will resume May 30-31.

Archdiocese of New York: Recommended prayer resources for use when Mass is not available; (Fr. Matthew Ernest, Office of Liturgy)

Archdiocese of Chicago: The Department of Parish Vitality and Mission (of which the Office of Divine Worship is a part) provides a variety of resources for prayer and worship as well as online prayer groups (in various languages), book clubs, catechetic resources, virtual events, and more.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia: The Archdiocese is planning a special Pentecost Celebration—the Extended Vigil—on Saturday evening, May 30, 2020, at 8:00 PM.  This Vigil will especially implore the aid of God, the Holy Spirit, to come to his Church as we move out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please post this on the ARISE website and include it in your New Evangelization newsletter. Link for live streaming.

Music Resources

"Turn to the Lord: Praying and Singing in Times of Trouble" (GIA & WLP)


Annual Missal: “As we adjust to virtual Masses and finding new ways to pray at home, GIA is offering their annual missal which includes the complete Order of Mass, Sunday and holy day readings and psalms, weekday reading citations, entrance and communion antiphons, and psalm responses (Regular price $10.95, now just $2 while supplies last (plus shipping).” 

Interlude Website: "In an effort to help you find what you need, we have compiled a variety of resources on our Interlude website. Some resources are digital downloads, some can be shipped from our warehouse, and many others are absolutely FREE!  Whether you are a parent or teacher looking for resources for children, a pastor or music director needing guidance on how to pray virtually with your congregation, or are just looking for guided prayer at home, we have something for you! We are here for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact Matt Reichert, Director of Outreach and Engagement at"

"Resources for Families" Folder: "Blessings and Prayers Throughout the Year" - These children's bulletins (in English and Spanish) include activity pages, and those are included in each folder by Sunday. 

OCP Resources

"In light of the events of COVID-19, along with the protesting of racial injustices in the United States, OCP is proud to offer these informative and inspired resources for communities of faith. May Christ’s light continue to shine in our lives and the lives of our neighbors."
  - Choir Stories by OCP – Video series featuring music ministers across the U.S.

  - Songs of Peace and Unity – Playlist promoting intercultural peace

  - Racism: Change of Heart – Blog promoting the love and inclusion of all peoples

  - Music and Mission – Video series featuring OCP artists offering prayer and reflection

Other resources from OCP:

  - "The OCP “Resources for Parishes” page offers plenty of useful information on livestreaming Masses and music licensing, along with blogs for music ministersyouth ministers and musicians.

  - For the rest of the liturgical year, we’re offering a free streaming license for the OCP songs in your missals and/or hymnals. Register and view the full list of songs here.

  - For parishioners, we are currently offering a 50% discount on all of our missals for use at home, so that assemblies can actively participate in the liturgy.

  - We also have numerous blogs in both English and Spanish, aimed at helping the faithful through this difficult time. Find live Mass schedules, podcasts and music playlists, plus advice on celebrating Sundays with your family remotely.

  - Lastly, for a little inspiration and guidance, here is a video of Catholic artists around the country singing Father Bob Dufford’s “Be Not Afraid” from their homes. May it give you comfort and remind you of all the ways that God has blessed your life."

One License (Updated 4/28/20): Recently,, which represents most major music publishers, gave gratis permission to use copyrighted songs. That generous offer served us well through the Triduum, but it expired April 15.  Now they are offering another type of annual license which honors the work of composers and copyright holders:

“The Limited Podcast / Streaming License is priced similarly to the Annual License, allowing congregations during this time of social distancing to transition easily between either of these two license types. It also honors our many organizations who use only hymnal or missalette resources and have no need for the reprint portion of the license. Many thanks to our IT and creative teams for their time and talent in making this offering available... Whether you plan to support your community via the internet in a time of social distancing, provide music for congregants in your sanctuary, or both, know that at ONE LICENSE we are committed to serving your needs. Income from our licenses provides critical financial support to the composers and publishers who create the music we need—music that is more necessary now than ever before."

"For information, FAQs, pricing, and terms, please visit beginning April 16. You may also email us at, especially if you are an existing License Holder and would like to transition to the Limited Podcast / Streaming License. This option will be available beginning April 16. ONE LICENSE is an online licensing service committed to making it easy to obtain licensing permissions for congregational music to inspire congregational song. From Annual, Event, and Single-Use Reprint Licenses to Practice-Track and Podcast / Streaming Licenses, we have a license that will fulfill your congregational reprint needs. Visit for more information.”

Worship Now Music Publishing:

 - Pray the Regina Caeli Virtually

 - Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet with Matt Maher

 - Free Modern Responsorial Psalms

 - Free Liturgical Music Planner

Hymns in Times of Crisis: The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada has compiled several free downloadable collections to address various needs and pastoral situations. The first of these collections was Hymns in Times of Crisis, which provides some useful resources for the current coronavirus crisis. The copyright holders of these texts have graciously agreed to allow limited use of these hymns. (Mike McMahon)

National Association of Pastoral Musicians Resource Page

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Music Resource 'In Time of Pandemic'


About Economic Assistance for Non-Profits

5 Pressing Tax and Benefits Considerations for Employers (CBIZ): Summary article about several programs and policies regarding employees, benefits, taxes, payroll, and retirement plans.

Faith Catholic: This page provides free resources for dioceses, parishes, and schools.  It multiple templates, sample letters, and graphic designs. In addition, the following resources are also avaialble: 

Provisions in Federal COVID-19 Legislation Benefiting Nonprofit Organizations

Paycheck Protection Program Application Form

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information Sheet: Borrowers

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Small Business Administration Loan Application Required Document Checklist

OCP Parish Grants: “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the OCP Parish Grant application deadline has been extended through June 30. Now, more than ever before, parishes across the country may need help continuing their ministry. If your parish, like so many others, has been affected by COVID-19, we kindly urge you to apply for an OCP Parish Grant. Fill out an application today, and your community could receive financial assistance to support your liturgy and/or music ministry.”


V Encuentro Resources

The National V Encuentro Team has compiled a list of resources meant to assist Hispanic/Latino pastoral ministers, parents, and Catholics. Available in English Spanish

Sections include:

(Please The National Encuentro Team any resource or links that may benefit our Hispanic/Latino Catholic Community (English and Spanish) and the Catholic community at large.)


Resource Archive (Former Resources)