Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest (Download)


4 Bulletin Inserts
By Joan Workmaster


As a companion to the pastoral-liturgical commentary on the rite of Sunday Celebrations, this series of four bulletin inserts is for general distribution to assist the average parishioner to understand this rite, its history and development, its different parts, and how it is intended to be used should a bishop choose to use it in his diocese.

  • Part 1: Where Have We Been?
  • Part 2: The Experience of the 1994 Ritual
  • Part 3: Morning/Evening Prayer in the 2007 Revised Ritual
  • Part 4: The Liturgy of the Word in the 2007 Revised Ritual

Download/reproduce for your parish: Adobe PDF file (1 year license).

Spanish language version available at: Celebraciones dominicales en ausencia del presbítero

Type: Bulletin Inserts
Quantity: 4 inserts

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