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As we become acquainted with the new translations in The Roman Missal, we have an opportunity to reexamine principles of liturgy and recommit ourselves to comprehensive liturgical formation. 

The liturgy itself has an inherent power to instruct and the most lasting formation comes through actual engagement with the liturgy. Hearing the Scriptures and homily proclaimed, praying the prayers of the liturgy, and singing affords an at-hand opportunity for liturgical formation. 

For each Sunday and Solemnity of the liturgical year, this resource offers ways to relate the themes of the reading of the day to the particular liturgical celebration, with suggestions on the best use of the various options found in the Roman Missal. Accompanying this is a brief "homily insert" (100-150 words) for use as part of the homily to relate the Word proclaimed to the liturgical action in which we are engaged. 

Designed for Sunday homilists, RCIA teams, those who prepare music, environment, and for other lay ministries in the celebration of the liturgy. 

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Liturgical Catechesis