Christ Abundantly Blesses this Love

Paul Covino

Member Price: $56.25

A simple explanation of the Catholic wedding liturgy in four, 2-page sections:

Cristo bendice el amor conyugal

Paul Covino

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Una explicación simple de la liturgia del matrimonio católico en cuatro partes (dos páginas cada uno):

Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest Bulletin Inserts

Joan Workmaster

Member Price: $37.50

As a companion to the pastoral-liturgical commentary on the rite of Sunday Celebrations, this series of four bulletin inserts is for general distribution to assist the average parishioner to unders

Volantes para boletines sobre las celebraciones dominicales en ausencia del presbitero

Joan Workmaster

Member Price: $37.50

Como acompañante del comentario pastoral y litúrgico sobre el rito de las celebraciones litúrgicas, esta serie de cuatro volantes para boletines es para distribución general con el fin de ayudar a

El Misterio De Fe

Lawrence J. Johnson

Member Price: 11.21

Edicion revisada (2015)

El misterio de fe: Un estudio de los elementos estructurales de la Misa

By Lawrence J. Johnson

The Gift of Love: A Bride and Groom’s Guide to Preparing the Wedding Liturgy

Member Price: $7.50

Written in very conversational language, The Gift of Love, provides basic liturgical catechesis on each of the three rites, lists of readings, guides for preparing a worship aid, principles for choosing music, frequently-asked questions and their answers, and helpful tear-out preparation sheets. 

Presiding at the Wedding Liturgy: A Guide for Deacons

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The Deacon is often called upon to preside at The Order of Celebrating Matrimony without Mass or The Order of Celebrating Matrimony between a Catholic and a Catechumen or a Non-Christian.  This book provides excellent guidance on the elements of the rites and wonderful advice on “best practices” for their proper celebration.  It’s loaded with rich resources that will assist your conversations with the bride and groom, too, including helpful preparation sheets.

Order one for yourself or encourage your diocesan Diaconate Office to order multiple copies.

This Sacred Bond: A Pastoral Companion to The Order of Celebrating Matrimony

Member Price: $11.96

In 2016, the dioceses of the United States are welcoming the English translation of The Order of Celebrating Matrimony.  It may be used in the liturgy as of September 8, 2016 (The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and its use is mandatory in the dioceses of the United States on December 30, 2016 (the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph).

This book will be a useful guide for clergy, lay leaders, formation staffs, seminary professors, and others who will want to become acquainted with the contents of the OCM, the elements of its three distinct rites, and best pastoral practices.  Its appendix also includes helpful preparation sheets and prayers.

Marriage and Mystery: A Workshop Kit on The Order of Celebrating Matrimony

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This excellent resource is drawn from the popular nationwide workshops offered by the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions and the Secretariat for the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship.  It is designed for diocesan offices, clergy and lay formation programs, seminaries, and liturgy courses.  The boxed kit will include PowerPoint slides, a presenter’s script, handouts, and a single copy of each FDLC resource mentioned above -- The Gift of LovePresiding at the Wedding Liturgy, and This Sacred Bond.  This will be an invaluable resource for years to come.

Handouts for OCM Workshop Kits


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Thirty-two page booklet of handouts.

Available only to those who have purchased "Marriage and Mystery: A Workshop Kit."

Quantities are very limited.  Sold in bundles of 25 only.

The Lord's Prayer

Member Price: 13.12

Though the RCIA des not call for the presentation of a piece of paper during the "Presentation of the Lord's Prayer," this could be a fitting keepsake for the catechumens or elct.  It attractvely l

Our Sacrifice of Praise / Nuestro Sacrificio de Alabanza

Member Price: $22.50

A collection of thirty-two articles for liturgical formation.

Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest: A Pastoral Liturgical Commentary

Henchal and Prendergast

Member Price: 9.00

In 1992, the United States Bishops voted to accept the ritual text for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest (SCAP).  It was hoped that it would provide a means for assemblies to gather on