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Downloadable Products

Thank you for purchasing a digital publication from the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions.

These are written by our members and other experts from around the country. They serve in parishes, diocesan offices, and universities. 

As always, our goal in providing these resources is to form the assembly with accurate and sound theology; to provide historical background to current liturgical practices;  and to encourage best practices in the authentic celebration of the Church’s rites.

Many of these products are perfect for bulletin inserts, adult education sessions, youth group discussions, and OCIA sessions.  They are concise and clearly written.  Most are also available in Spanish.

Restricted Use

Please remember that these materials are copyrighted.  We are a non-profit organization which relies on the sale of our products to continue our mission.  The copyright information and/or the FDLC logo should be retained.

Your purchase entitles you to duplicate these within your parish for a period of one year.  Please refrain from placing them on websites since these then can be accessed by anyone from all over the world; obviously that would negatively impact sales.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!