Our History


The 1967 Liturgical Week in Portland, Oregon

Chairs and Secretaries of diocesan liturgical commissions meet in conjunction with the Liturgical Weeks sponsored by the Liturgical Conference

October 1968   

The BCL convenes a meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission personnel in Chicago in order to prepare for the Ordo Missae.   An “Advisory Committee to the BCL” is established, made up of representatives from each of the twelve regions of the USA.

February 1969

The Federation grew under the early leadership of Fr. Godfrey Diekmann, OSB (left) and Fr. Frederick McManus.

The Advisory Commission becomes a “Federation of Commissions.”  The BCL conducts an election among the chairs and secretaries of the diocesan commissions in the USA, electing two from each region.  They meet for the first time in Pittsburgh and become the charter members of the Board of Directors.

January 1970    

The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions was formally established in El Paso and a Constitution and Bylaws were adopted (patterned upon the Southwest Liturgical Conference).  The first officers are elected.


Office established in Pevely, Missouri; first Executive Secretary hired


National Office moved to Chicago, Illinois


Development of Offices of Worship across the country; a self-study was conducted on the structure of the FDLC

January 1978    

Professional consultant leads board meeting and by June 1978 an ad-hoc committee restyles the Board meetings and restructures the FDLC in terms of “regions.”  Members of the Board have responsibilities both as Board members and regional representatives.  The report was adopted “in substance” at the 1978 Panama City National Meeting.

June 1980          

Several more modifications to Bylaws and Constitution; formally adopted at National Meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho.   Board votes to move National Office to Washington, DC.


Federation conducts major study on the Eucharist in its revised form, entitled The Mystery of Faith; submitted to the BCL in September 1982.

July 1, 1982

FDLC legally incorporated in Washington, DC. The Articles of Incorporation were derived from the FDLC Constitution.

January 1983

Revised Bylaws approved by the Board; additional changes at New Orleans meeting

January 2014

Board of Directors unanimously approves revisions to the Bylaws at a meeting in Chicago