Profoundly aware that liturgy and justice flow together, the FDLC membership and the resources produced by the FDLC reflects the cultural diversity of the United States as well as the reality of the global Church.

Therefore, it is the work of the FDLC:

  • To assist bishops and other liturgical leaders in facilitating the public prayer of the Church;
  • To establish and support a network of diocesan liturgy personnel;
  • To support the establishment and continuation of diocesan liturgical commissions, worship offices, or comparable diocesan structures;
  • To serve as a forum through which diocesan liturgy personnel may contribute responsibly and effectively in articulating the concerns of the local Church in liturgical matters;
  • To co-sponsor with the BCDW an annual national meeting of diocesan liturgical commissions;
  • To maintain a relationship of collaboration and mutual support between the BCDW Secretariat and the FDLC National Office;
  • To maintain an active dialogue with the BCDW regarding the liturgical life in theĀ  dioceses of the United States and the resources that we produce, in order to support the ongoing work of the BCDW;
  • To commission, gather and market materials and resources which will enrich the liturgical apostolate and the local Church and which will aid diocesan and parish liturgy personnel;
  • To encourage, promote, and facilitate in the dioceses of the United States the full implementation of the liturgical rites and their legitimate adaptations in light of pastoral experience as envisioned by the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (SC 39ff), subsequent post-conciliar documentation, and the praenotanda of the official liturgical books;
  • To solicit the help of and offer assistance to the academic community and professional organizations engaged in liturgical studies and allied sciences;
  • To establish and foster liaisons with other national liturgical associations, organizations, and centers;
  • To cooperate with comparable organizations of other ecclesial communities on projects of mutual interest or benefit.