How Prayer Looks: Posture and Gesture in the Liturgy (Download)


5 Bulletin Inserts
By Paul Turner


As we pray together as members of the liturgical assembly, we pray with our bodies: we move, we stand, we sit, we gesture with our hands, we bow with our heads. This series of five bulletin inserts reflects on the deep significance of the gestures and postures we use in our liturgical celebrations. Updated in 2003.

  • Part 1: Posture and Gesture
  • Part 2: Our Gestures
  • Part 3: Our Postures
  • Part 4: Adapted Postures and Gestures
  • Part 5: The Communion Rite

Download/reproduce for your parish: Adobe PDF format (1 year license).

Spanish language version available at: Expresiones al orar

Type: Bulletin Inserts
Quantity: 5

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