Life Is Changed Not Ended聽(Download)


6 Bulletin Inserts
By Michael Marchal


This series of six bulletin inserts help parishioners understand the new Order of Christian Funerals. Stressing the importance of the Christian community’s ministry of consolation, the author addresses the issues of cremation, suicide and funerals for members of other churches.

  • Part 1: The time immediately following death
  • Part 2: God has created each person for eternal life
  • Part 3: The ministry of consolation
  • Part 4: The vigil: Ties of friendship
  • Part 5: The funeral liturgy
  • Part 6: The committal鈥攑rayerful remembrance

Download/reproduce for your parish: Adobe PDF file (1 year license).

Spanish language version available at:聽La vida se transforma no se acaba

Type: Bulletin Insert
Quantity: 6

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