The Liturgical Year (Download)


11 Bulletin Inserts
By Rev. Thomas J. Dente


Our identity as members of the Body of Christ, the Church, is formed and nourished by our participation in the annual cycle of liturgical seasons and feasts — Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter — and above all by the weekly celebration of the day of the Lord, Sunday, the primordial feast day. Father Dente’s reflections will guide parishioners to a fuller and more conscious participation in the mystery of Christ in us, that unfolds through our celebrations, as we follow the annual cycle of the liturgical year. Published 2005.

  • 1: The Liturgical Year: An Introduction
  • 2: Sunday, Part 1
  • 3: Sunday, Part 2
  • 4: Advent—In Joyful Hope
  • 5: Christmas—The Final Word
  • 6: Lent—Forty Day Retreat, Part 1
  • 7: Lent—Forty Day Retreat, Part 2
  • 8: Triduum—The Three Days, Part 1
  • 9: Triduum—The Three Days, Part 2
  • 10: Easter—The Fifty Days
  • 11: Ordinary Time

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Spanish language version available at: El año liturgico

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