Prayer & Liturgical Resources for Peace

Last updated: March 29, 2022

A Prayer for Peace by Pope Francis

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March 25th Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Good Friday Solemn Intercession: For Peace in Ukraine

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Prayer Resources

Sample Intercessions / Oración de los Fieles

  • For all those effected by the fighting in Ukraine– for those who have lost lives, loved ones and homes, we pray.
  • For the dignity of every person and the sovereignty of every nation, for they are the work of your creation we pray.
  • For leaders of nations, that they may seek diplomatic solutions to conflict and war, we pray.
  • For the Church in Ukraine, that the People of God may be free to worship in peace, we pray.
  • For our allies and our enemies, that God may guide them to the way of peace, we pray.
  • For the courage to demand an end to war and for the grace to work toward it, we pray.
  • Por todos aquellos afectados por los combates en Ucrania, por aquellos que han sus perdido vidas, seres queridos y hogares, oremos.
  • Por la dignidad de cada persona y la soberanía de cada nación, porque son obra de tu creación, oramos.
  • Por los líderes de las naciones, para que puedan buscar soluciones diplomáticas a los conflictos y las guerras, oremos.
  • Por la Iglesia en Ucrania, para que el Pueblo de Dios sea libre de adorar en paz, oremos.
  • Por nuestros aliados y nuestros enemigos, para que Dios los guíe por el camino de la paz, oramos.
  • Por el coraje de exigir el fin de la guerra y por la gracia de trabajar para lograrlo, oremos.

Suggested Mass Texts

As the liturgical day allows, consider using the following Mass texts.   At the directive of the Local Ordinary, these texts may also be used on the Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

MVNO:  For the Preservation of Peace and Justice  [see Lectionary for Mass, 887-891]

MVNO: In Time of War or Civil Disturbance  [see Lectionary for Mass, nos. 897-901]

MNVO: For Refugees and Exiles  [See Lectionary for Mass, nos.  927-931]

Music Suggestions

  • Anthem (Conroy)
  • Bearers of Peace (Farrell)
  • Dona Nobis Pacem  (Norbet) or (Kodner)
  • For the Healing of the Nations (Kaan/ Wade)
  • Give Us Your Peace (Muhler)
  • God of Day and God of Darkness (Haugen/ BEACH SPRING)
  • Let There be Peace on Earth  (Miller and Jackson)
  • Make me a Channel of Your Peace (Temple)
  • God of Every Nation (Reid/ PASSION CHORALE)
  • This is My Song (Stone/FINLANDIA)
  • Ubi Caritas (Hurd and others)
  • We will walk with God (Swaziland Traditional/ Bell)
  • World Peace Prayer (Haugen)

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