Webinar: Pastoral Care of the Sick

Leticia (Tish) Thornton of the Diocese of Boise explores how the Church’s Pastoral Care of the Sick is a rich resource to provide support, healing, and comfort to the sick and their families. She also highlights and explains the rich pastoral options available for ministers, both lay and ordained, when tending to the sick. HandoutsContinue reading “Webinar: Pastoral Care of the Sick”

2017 Bloomington, Minn.

Nearly 200 leaders from dioceses across the United States gathered in Bloomington, Minn., October 3–5, 2017, for the 48th annual meeting of FDLC. In considering the topic, “Pastoral Care of the Sick: Touching at the Hem of His Garment” and this ritual, participants examined the reality of human sickness and the work of God’s grace and healing through and with the medical arts.