Annual Appeal 2022-2023

“With thankfulness in our hearts to God” Colossians 3:16 Dear FDLC Members and Friends, This Federation was founded in 1969 during a momentous period in our Church’s history. Those early years were marked by remarkable scholarship, legendary leadership, and bold change. The liturgical renewal continues to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. The wisdom ofContinue reading “Annual Appeal 2022-2023”

Optional Text for Good Friday Solemn Intercession: For Peace in Ukraine

The Roman Missal states that “in a situation of grave public need, the Diocesan Bishop may permit or order the addition of a special intention” (Roman Missal, The Passion of the Lord, no. 13) in addition to the ten solemn intercessions which are provided for the Good Friday Liturgy. Sample (Austria Bishops Conference): (Translations courtesyContinue reading “Optional Text for Good Friday Solemn Intercession: For Peace in Ukraine”

FDLC Annual Appeal 2021–2022

“All things work together for good.”  As we celebrate this time of harvest and thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the things that have worked together in the past months for goodness in our world. Through the difficulty of the pandemic, good people have worked together to bring light and hope to a world sometimes masked in darkness and despair. A donation to the 2021–2022 FDLC Annual Appeal allows the accomplishments of the Federation to continue.