Webinar: Lent and Holy Week

Rita Thiron, the executive director of FDLC, notes that many associate Lent only with the traditional penitential disciplines. But this session will examine the historical development of this season, the rich orations of its liturgies, and the readings which have been assigned since ancient times. In addition, we will recognize how the Elect prepare for the Easter Sacraments and how the faithful accompany them as we continue our own baptismal journey.

Webinar: The Order of Baptism of Children

Rita Thiron, executive director of FDLC, explores the liturgical text itself, its important history and its rich theology. She also compares its chapters and the various pastoral circumstances which they address. Finally, examines the new appendices for the dioceses of the United States. Handouts Originally presented Dec. 9, 2020. © FDLC 2020. All rights reserved.