Webinar: The Order of Confirmation

Fr. Michael Lewis of the Diocese of El Paso reviews the rite’s place in the Roman Pontifical, the history of how the sacrament has been celebrated, the specifics of the preconciliar rite, how the ritual changed after Vatican II, the contents of the current book and pastoral strategies regarding how to use it. Handouts OriginallyContinue reading “Webinar: The Order of Confirmation”

Webinar: The Order of Baptism of Children

Rita Thiron, executive director of FDLC, explores the liturgical text itself, its important history and its rich theology. She also compares its chapters and the various pastoral circumstances which they address. Finally, examines the new appendices for the dioceses of the United States. Handouts Originally presented Dec. 9, 2020. © FDLC 2020. All rights reserved.

Webinar: The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults

Todd Williamson of the Archdiocese of Chicago not only explores the text and the rich pastoral options it contains, but helps us better appreciate the Church’s vision of the process of Christian initiation of catechumens and the reception of those already baptized. Handouts Originally presented Dec. 2, 2020. © FDLC 2020. All rights reserved.

2014 Lombard, Ill.

Over 220 leaders from 103 dioceses gathered in Lombard, Ill., October 1–3, 2014, for the annual national meeting of FDLC. Their focus was “The RCIA: Ever Ancient, Ever New.” Specifically, they would examine the National Statutes on the Catechumenate (1988) which have served as particular law for the dioceses of the United States for the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.