Webinar Series: The Liturgical Year

About this series

This free webinar series will examine the various seasons and days of the Liturgical Year — their history, theology, euchology, and cursus of readings.

Who this series is for

Our intended audience is any student of the Liturgy — seminarians, deacon candidates, undergraduate students, parish worship commissions, musicians, youth ministers, catechists, and more! All are welcome! Since these are just 75 minutes in length, you might consider offering each webinar as a foundation for a parish staff meeting or a school faculty meeting. Make it part of a deacon formation program or a seminary elective. Add it as part of your parish adult education series or as training for your liturgical ministers.

Webinar Topics

▶️ History and Theology of the Liturgical YearDr. James Starke of the Diocese of Arlington asks: How did our liturgical year develop?  Did we always celebrate Christmas?  What are the origins of Lent?  What are “idea feasts?” When were saints’ days added?  These and other questions will be answered as we explore the fascinating development of our liturgical year.
Originally presented April 21, 2021

▶️ Advent and ChristmasFr. Dustin Dought of the Diocese of Lafayette, La., examines some of the prayer texts and Scriptures of the Roman Missal and the Liturgy of the Hours for Christmas and Epiphany, as well as some sermons of Pope St. Leo the Great, exploring the mystery into which we enter through these liturgical celebrations. We’ll also briefly examine the season of Advent, both as a season of preparation for Christmas Time and as a season of entrance into the mystery of the Lord’s Coming.
Originally presented April 28, 2021

▶️ Lent and Holy WeekRita Thiron, the executive director of FDLC, notes that many associate Lent only with the traditional penitential disciplines. But this session will examine the historical development of this season, the rich orations of its liturgies, and the readings which have been assigned since ancient times. In addition, we will recognize how the Elect prepare for the Easter Sacraments and how the faithful accompany them as we continue our own baptismal journey.
Originally presented May 5, 2021

▶️ The TriduumMsgr. Rick Hilgartner of the Archdiocese of Baltimore explores the rich history of the Sacred Paschal Triduum, the deep theology of its symbols and rituals, and best practices for its celebration.
Originally presented May 12, 2021

▶️ The Easter Season — Dr. Steve Janco of Alverno College in Milwaukee observes that the so-called “Masses for the Neophytes,” are the Sundays of the Easter Season. Especially on those days, we reflect on the sacraments of initiation just received by the neophytes and on our own sacramental  journey. Join us as we examine this joyful “week of weeks” and reflect upon its deep theology, its rich history, and the readings which remind all of us of our duty to be witnesses to the Resurrection.
Originally presented May 19, 2021

▶️ Ordinary Time — Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S of the Athanaeum of Ohio and the University of Dayton observes that Ordinary Time is often thought of as the “orphan” of the liturgical seasons, outshined by the joy and glory of the festal seasons. Yet, it is hardly “ordinary” but truly “extraordinary.” It is our time to walk with Jesus through a gospel, learning what our baptismal living is all about. Ordinary Time is challenging, inspiring, rewarding. 
Originally presented May 26, 2021

▶️ Solemnities and Feasts of the Lord — Sr. Sharon McMillan, SNDdeN of Santa Clara University focuses on the four Solemnities of the Lord in the Western Church: Holy Trinity, the Body and Blood of Christ, Sacred Heart, and Christ the King. Specific aspects include the historical and theological development of each, reform after the Second Vatican Council, an exploration of the orations and readings, and attention to contemporary pastoral issues. A much briefer presentation follows on the Feasts of the Lord common to all the liturgical families: the Presentation, Transfiguration, and Holy Cross.
Originally presented June 2, 2021

▶️ Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials of the Blessed Virgin Mary — Fr. James Marcus McFadin of the Diocese of El Paso examines the history, the texts, and the rich theology of the solemnities, feasts, and memorials which commemorate Mary’s role in salvation history.
Originally presented June 9, 2021

▶️ The Commemoration of the Saints — Fr. Bruce Cinquegrani of the Diocese of Memphis engages participants in an overview of the theology of the veneration of the saints, a review of the general history of the sanctoral celebrations, and an examination of the principles behind the shaping of the current sanctoral calendar in the Roman Rite. It gives specific attention to the actual liturgical texts that comprise the celebrations for the saints.
Originally presented June 16, 2021

▶️ A Practical Guide to the Calendar — Fr. Christopher Seibt of the Diocese of Syracuse asks: How does the whole mystery of Christ unfold through the cycle of the liturgical year? What is the order of importance of liturgical days? What is the difference between the General Calendar and particular calendars? How does the liturgical calendar affect liturgical celebrations? These and other questions will be answered as the practical aspects of the liturgical year set forth in the Calendar are examined.   
Originally presented June 23, 2021

Other Webinar Topics

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